Components of an SEO-friendly YouTube channel

In this post I will talk about the Components of an SEO-friendly YouTube channel.

Components of an SEO-friendly YouTube channel
Components of an SEO-friendly YouTube channel


What Is YouTube SEO: 

YouTube SEO includes enhancing your channel, playlists, metadata, depiction, and the recordings themselves. You can streamline your recordings for search both inside and outside of YouTube. 

A vital part to YouTube SEO is outfitting the intensity of your video’s content as records, shut inscriptions, and captions.


  1. Channel tags/keywords: It refers to channel keyword .Your channel keyword should also be optimized for 3 to 5 keywords pertaining to your channel’s video. Don’t just include your channel name as a hashtag. Focus your tags on the content you offer – the more specific, the better to rank.

  2. Channel art: Like video thumbnails, your channel banner image should be colorful, eye-catching , include expressive faces (engaging content) and use large text of readable font if words are absolutely necessary. Channel banner mage builds trust among audience

  3. Icon:  Your channel icon ensures the completeness of your channel. A channel logo or individual headshot are both great options, depending on the type of channel.

  4. About section: It tells your audience about the channel and the goals you have for your channel. You must include some of your channel keywords in your channel’s About section.

  5. Trailer video: Like movie or music video, you can create a trailer video for your channel. A trailer video can hook your viewers in the first few seconds.

  6.  Featured channels: You can use this feature to accomplish a lot more than you think, including the following.

  7. If you’re a franchise operator, advertise other locations’ channels. If you have another channel, you can set that one as your featured channel.

  8. Playlists: Your channel ranks well as long as it is organized. And playlists can help you regarding this because it functions as separate sections of your YouTube channel. Playlists provide a better user experience by separating and including your videos into different sections.

  9. Community: Last but not the least community tab helps you engage with your audiences. Publish your regular posting schedule with posts in your Community tab. With the help of this community tab, you can Promote your most recent videos, share behind-the-scenes content, ask the audience about the content topic and treat this tab like a Facebook newsfeed.

  10. Audience Retention: YouTube has refered to Audience Retention as one of its principle positioning variables. So, this is the way long individuals watch your recordings prior to leaving. The Audience Retention report examinations :

  • Average view minutes for all videos on your channel


  • Top recordings or channels recorded by watch time
  • Audience retention data for a particular video for different time frames 
  • Top videos or channels recorded by watch time
  • Relative audience retention for a video of same type compared to the YouTube average




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