How To Improve YouTube SEO?

In this post I will talk about What Is YouTube SEO and How To Improve YouTube SEO?

How To Improve YouTube SEO?
How To Improve YouTube SEO?



What Is YouTube SEO?

 YouTube is its own web index with its own SEO ranking algorithm. YouTube SEO is about improving your channel, video content and other aspects of channel like channel about, channel keyword, video tag, video title, quality, duration etc.

 YouTube content will likewise rank in Google query items – however just if it’s streamlined effectively for YouTube! On the off chance that you need to prevail with YouTube marketing, in-platform SEO should be prioritized first.


How To Improve YouTube SEO?

 The following is a short YouTube SEO checklist for single video content and your entire channel.

Checklist that you should follow to improve YouTube SEO:

Title- Video titles should consistently be matched with the primary keyword or phrase first, then the specific series name and afterward the name of your brand or channel. This makes it simple for YouTube to comprehend what your video is about and which audience would be interested in your video

Tags- use short-and long-tail keywords to assume how audience are searching or typing for content in YouTube search bar.

Description- Descriptions are something that is treated as mini or short blogs that explain  the content of your videos in a nutshell. The first 157 characters of video description are shown above the fold like meta description of website content. You may use links to your website in your video descriptions that also help drive traffic to your site as well as  build trust

Cards- YouTube ranks and prioritizes the type of videos that keep viewers watching on YouTube for a long time. If you have one more related video on the same topic, you should use cards to link viewers to related videos on your channel or other channels. Moreover, you can poll your audience with a poll card.

End screens- if you have sufficient number of contents on you channel, it is advised to use end screens option on your videos. End screens are another great way to link or drive viewers to other YouTube content on your channel. You may consider adding a “Subscribe” and “Playlist” element to encourage subscriptions and views to your channel.

Custom thumbnail- When you upload a video on your channel, YouTube itself generates a thumbnail for your video. If you think auto YouTube generated thumbnails expresses your video best, you can use it. Otherwise it is recommended to use “Custom Thumbnail. Because  thumbnails are very important for getting more views on YouTube. Attractive thumbnail increases CTR. Your thumbnail size should be 1280×720 pixels and should contain bright colors, minimal words and something eye catching that can be the most engaging part of your video.

Closed captions- YouTube has another option called “Closed caption”   that allows you to add subtitles that keeps your videos accessible to all users around the world. 

Video activity- Video activity includes like, share, react, comment on video. Try your best to Reply or to react (love) or to comments on your videos, and share your videos on different social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to show YouTube that your videos are engaging in the best way.

Playlists- YouTube considers playlists the same way it considers videos. Make a playlist including all the videos on the same topic and  make sure each playlist is organized for a primary keyword within a description.

Content Quality- Try to make the best quality video on your niche. Content of the Video must be engaging to the audience so that audience retention time should be increased.

Sound Quality- Sound matters a lot when it comes to audience engagement. Make sure the sound quality of your video is up to the mark.

Video Duration-  The ideal length for a YouTube video is 6-8 minutes. If you want you can make lengthy videos but remember don’t make videos unnecessary long that make the audience get bored or leave your video.


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