Productive Things to Do Using Internet During Free time

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For human beings the word productivity means an individual’s ability to do a great deal of work, what refers to any activity of human beings that creates a lot. In this post I will talk about Productive Things to Do Using Internet During Free time Now, during this covid19 situation you may pass your free time at home or in quarantine.

If you think to keep yourself proactive, then this post is going to be helpful for you because from this post you will know some of my own experience how I am utilizing my free time. Due to Covid19, we get acquitted with the concept of lockdown and quarantine that impede our normal daily life. Now, we stay at home and pass free time without doing anything productive that shouldn’t be. If we desire, we can utilize this free time too only by using internet. Do you want to know how? Ok I am telling you regarding Productive Things to Do Using Internet During Free time.


 #1 Enroll free courses on popular platforms: 
To enroll a free course all you need is to have internet connection. You can do a lot of valuable courses offered by some popular platforms like: Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Future learn, Udemy, The Open University, Edx, Udacity and many more. Enrolling any courses from these platforms will and successfully passing in the assessment test will enhance your knowledge as well as boost your career path.
#2 Watch a documentary series:
 Normally we know that watching TV programme is wastage of time but in case of watching Documentary series on the online platforms is investing time. It helps you to know and learn about your any favorite subject. There are many Online platforms are available right now. Some of them free like YouTube and some of them are paid at nominal subscriptions rate like Netflix.
#3 Learn new skill:
 Improving your capabilities by selecting any courses, watching YouTube Videos or reading a blog post like this can likewise be joined by learning new abilities. This could be learning anything new such as the principles of a game or learning new language or learning programming if you are interested or practicing Digital marketing or anything that You think may be valuable in building you career. These new skills will help more specifically financially to great extent. Lots of windows of opportunities are available on the internet to learn new skills.
 #4 Do some experiment on “Social Media Platform”:
There are more than 65 social media platforms are available right now in the world. Some mostly used social media are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. We use these platforms to get connected with like-minded people. Apart from connecting with people we can do some experiment using these platforms. According to the number of users for each platform in millions are: Facebook 2,603 YouTube* 2,000 WhatsApp 2,000 Facebook Messenger* 1,300 Weixin / WeChat 1,203 Instagram** 1,082 TikTok 800 QQ 694 Sina Weibo 550 QZone 517 Reddit 430 Kuaishou 400 Snapchat** 397. Here you can conduct experiment on each platform’s popularity as well as some valuable insights. You can share your findings from experiments on social media platforms that can be used as personal branding. Who knows, this might help you to be experts about social media in future.
#5 Learn any new language:
Learning a language is far easier than ever just because of internet. You can any languages sitting at home with the help of apps like Memories and Duolingo.
#6 Start a Blog Website: 
You can start your own blog website like mine too. I started this website during my vacation to spend my time through learning about blogging. There are a lot of things to learn about blogging that help you improve your writing sense. Another great option to start blogging is earning passive income throughout the life. So, stop wasting time and starting a blog about the passion or interest of you. 
#7 Apply for Job: 
Applying for job through internet is far easier than traditional way. It saves both time and money simultaneously. You can apply in whatever organizations you want just simply by using internet. 
#8 Improve Typing Speed: 
Having good typing speed keeps you you ahead of others in competition. This can be your one of strong competencies that differentiates you from others. Now it is easy to learn and improve your typing speed easily using internet. There are a lot websites available on internet that provide you with opportunities free of cost to learn and test your typing speed with certificate. 
#9 Write an e-book: 
You may be expert on particular topic or subject. You can write down your very own e-book and share it on different platforms. That may generate some income and fame for you. 
#10 Create account in Freelancing Site: 
You can browse different freelancing site and create account over there. If you have certain skills, then you can create account in freelancing sites. That may help you to start freelancing as well as earning some passive income. 
 #11 Play lots more online puzzle games: 
At the point when you play puzzle games, you can undoubtedly improve your IQ levels. This is on the grounds that you are compelled to think and reason past what is ordinary. Subsequently, you wind up utilizing your memory, critical thinking aptitudes, spatial symbolism, rationale, and general information. All these work couple in honing an individual’s acumen that help you get new job, promote job position and increase your income 
 #12 Create a google site today: 
You should use google site for the following reasons- Free portfolio site that contains information about you It is Free to use Quick and easy to edit No need to have any programming knowledge or database skills Best for newbie who wants to create a website for the first time Having access tools anywhere Having full control on page access and permission

#13 Create a YouTube channel:

One truly valid justification to add video and a YouTube channel to your site is to give the crowd more substance. At the point when individuals get a ton of good substance that is tackling their issues, they remain longer and like to return and visit all the more regularly. And ultimately you can earn money by monetizing your channel.


# 14 Become a Part of a Writing Community:

Do you love to show your creativity by your writing? Take a stab at destinations like Scribophile and NaNoWriMo that make it simple to join a network of community of writers.


# 15 Learn a New Skill:

Learning is enjoyable. Truly. Locales like have simple to-follow exercises covering everything from showcasing to advanced photography, and destinations like Codeacademy can show you how to compose code like the stars for nothing. Actually, it’s sheltered to state that there are not many abilities you can’t learn on the web.


# 16 Learn to read body language and detect lies at Blifaloo:

There’s no certain shot method to tell if an individual is lying, yet you can generally imagine that there is and get them to come clean at any rate! that improves your sense of humor


# 17 Learn any language in the world at Duolingo

Learning another language can really improve your cerebrum and memory in various positive manners. Examining a language can improve your memory and your capacity to support and settle on more intensive and very much defined choices.


I hope and believe that this post about Productive Things to Do Using Internet During Free time will help you to go ahead in life.


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