What is the purpose of creating external data source

Azure Synapse SQL Pool – Implement Polybase

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Question 1

What is the purpose of creating external data source?

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Since using polybase we are reading the contents of the file stored in Azure Data Lake, so by creating a external data source we are specifying the details of the Azure Data Lake account


Question 2

Creating a external table is mandatory to read the data stored in Azure Data Lake account.

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In an external table, we specify the field format of the file


Question 3

Using polybase, data from the Customer.txt file will be loaded in the external table

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Incorrect. The data is not physically loaded into the external table.


Question 4

Is the following sequence to configure polybase correct or not?

Create master Key;

create database scoped credential

create external data source

create external file format

create external table

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InCorrect Answer ! This is the correct sequence of events.


Question 5

The external table can be used to join(inner/left/right) with other normal tables in a SQL statement.

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The external tables behaves similar to a normal table. Except you cannot update or delete records in it. But you can join it with any other normal tables

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