Which statements are true?

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Doing so would almost certainly crash the application and possibly the system.

Doing so would likely crash the system, as it would try to execute code that has been removed from memory.


This is important to make sure it is not removed and pulls the rug out from other modules.

You don’t want to remove a module that is being used by a process. However, sometimes this number is not accurate, such as for network drivers.

This indicates how much memory is consumed by loading, but not how much memory it might be using to do its work


That is indeed the name origin.

This is its basic purpose.

Device nodes are created on the fly.


The enable subcommand ensures the service will start at boot.


You don’t have to do this in two steps, but it works. Note the use of && instead of ; This makes sure the second command does not run if the first fails.

You don’t really need to say httpd.service and this is true for most services.