Best Tips For Writing And Getting Approved Financial Aid On Coursera

Every Day thousands of students are applying for financial aid on Coursera but a few of them get approved just because of following some tips while writing an application. In this post you will get best tips for writing and getting approved financial aid on Coursera. I helped many more students till now to get approved in their application through my sample answer and video.

So what are some best tips for writing and getting approved financial aid on Coursera? ok well let share those best tips.

For sure Coursera Financial aid application contains three basic questions:

First question- why are you applying for financial aid? 

Second question- how will taking this course help you achieve your career goals?

Third question- if your answer is no,please help us understand why?

Now,I am providing my tips to write answers to each of these questions.

Tips for answering first question:

  • You should start writing by mentioning your education background,institution and country of living.
  • You must tell them the truth about your own and family financial conditions.
  • You have to make them feel that you are an enthusiastic student with no source of income.
  • Mention why your family is not able to bear the expense for this Course anymore.
  • If possible then mention the number of your family members and how much you or your family spend per month.
  • Try to include your parents individual income and compare it with your country’s average national income
  • Try to relate emotional attachment with your intention to complete the course.
  • If you have done any coursera course so far,don’t forget to mention the course name,year and other details related to that course anymore.
  • Tell them why you find this course fit for you.
  • Try to mention if you are running any project that is related to the course. 
  • Try to make them realize how the lack of financial support limits your choice and prevents you from doing a course that will enhance your potentiality.

Tips for answering second question:

  • Tell them your current education status and how it is related to the course that you are applying for.
  • How and why this course is important to achieve your career goal.
  • What influences you to take this course?
  • Why you are interested in this course or field and your future planning
  • Try to mention some relevance area of study that you will develop after completing this course
  • You have emphasized your deep interest to participate in the discussion and forums and complete all peer graded assignments.
  • Mention the value of a verified certificate that you will achieve from the course.
  • How valuable the learning opportunity of the course that you are applying for.
  • And finally you have to tell them how this course will help you to go ahead in your career.

Tips for answering third question:

  • Here you need to summarize that you are intensively interested to complete the course but have no financial capability to pay any amount for the course.
  • You need to make them understand that if you take this loan it will be a huge burden for you and your family.

Some bonus tips to get approved-

  • First things first,always you have to write answers precisely and briefly.
  • Ensure in your application that you will abide by Coursera’s honor code and code of conduct.
  • You need to have a very good explanation about your contribution in the Coursera community after getting financial aid.
  • When you apply for financial aid you should not enroll the course or start free trial for next 15 days during the review process.Within 15 days they will send you an email if you enroll the course before that your application will get rejected

What should I do after denying my application?

  • If they deny your application then they will send you an email with a proper reason for not accepting your application.You can also fix those issues and reapply.

What should I do after getting approval?

  • You must complete it within 180 days.If you fail to complete then you may submit another financial aid application to Coursera.
  • If you need to unenroll any course, then you have to do it within two weeks from the time you get accepted.

How to apply for financial aid for a specialization course?

  • Let’s say you are applying for “Deep Learning” specialization course that contains 6 separate courses, then in this case you need to submit a separate application for each of these courses.

Many students got approved after applying following my videos. If you want you can check these too.

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