How To Write Best Financial Aid Application For Deep Learning Course Coursera

Whenever you write an application for getting financial aid, you have to make sure that it is a unique application. In this post I will share my sample application that will help you understand How To Write Best Financial Aid Application For Deep Learning Course Coursera. Just go through my application that will help develop your thought to write your own.

There are some must followed tips regarding writing unique financial aid application and getting approved for any type of course that you can find here.

A few days back I made three videos regarding “financial Aid’ Application. Many students got approved after applying following my videos. If you want you can check these too.


Why are you applying for Financial Aid?


I am a Third year student of (Hons.) Computer Science at XYZ University in Bangladesh. Though I have keen interest in Deep Learning but unfortunately I don’t have enough source of income right now to pay for this great course. I already completed one course namely Programming For Everybody (Getting Started with Python) with the help of financial provided by Coursera. Courses from Coursera are really worth doing. I believe the Deep Learning course that I have decided to enroll in will help me to build my career as a “Software Engineer”. If you provide me with this financial aid opportunity, then it will make me grateful to “Coursera” that is the world’s best online education platform for all students. My future career will be higher if I get chance to complete such a great course “Deep Learning” from Coursera. I am honest and sincere to my education. Like my previous course on Coursera I must commit to complete all the peer graded assignment, review and discussion. Without getting financial aid these are not going to be possible for me. So, I humbly request to give me this financial aid that will allow me to go towards my dream career


How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals?


Currently I am pursuing my (Hons.) in Computer Science from XYZ University with a dream to be a Software Engineer. I was looking for a course that would help me make my dream come true and finally I found this great course. I believe the verified certificate from this course will uplift the value of my resume to the employer. This course will doubtlessly enhance my job prospects after my graduation. I firmly believe that throughout my course I will have deep understanding about deep learning that will help me perform best and keep me ahead of others in the job sector. A verified certificate will increase the credibility of my knowledge. Coursera courses are enriched with a lot of assignment, review and forum discussion that is absolutely desiring for any students like me. These activities make me believe about my competency and responsibility of handling complex and creative task in a proper way. No other online courses are so much well-designed except Deep Learning course provided by Coursera. If I get opportunity to complete this course, I believe it will be an invaluable learning for me that I can’t measure only by money.


If you answered no, please help us understand why.


My current financial situation is at the stage that neither allows me nor my family to pay for my course. It is not even possible any more to pay any amount of loan. My father doesn’t belong to any high salary job. If I need to take this loan then it will be a great burden on my family. I am truly committed about this course. So if you give me this opportunity, I will be blessed. I must contribute to this great platform which is helping me when I am actually in need of help.